Why is the Fried Food Holder so energy efficient? 
Heating air requires a large amount of energy.  Utilizing a hot air recirculation system and applying an energy efficient air curtain, significantly reduces the energy requirements.  In addition, optimized air temperatures, air velocities and radiant heat charactericstics help to utilize as much energy as possible and reduce energy waste.  The use of less energy will also require a lesser load on the restauants air-conditioning system.  

What is ThermalBrezzeTM?
ThermalBreezeTm describes the use of gentle hot air convection air and radiant heat to remove just enough moisture from fried foods to keep these fresh, hot and crisp for an extended holding period.  Air velocities too high or too hot will dry out fried foods.

What type of foods can be held in the FH 23-75?
The FH 23-75 has shown excellent food holding performance for all types of fried foods, but also for egg rolls, hash browns, salad croutons, corn-on-the-cob, cookies and many more.

What is ThermalRecoveryTM?
The Fried Food Holder was designed to overcome many uncommon operating conditions and will continue to operate.  For example, if the air inlet area is blocked, certain pressure conditions on the fan blower will change to extract heated air from unit's internal walls.  Or, if the crumb tray is not inserted, internal air deflector brackets will allow most of the air to continue travel upwards into the air outlet channel to supply hot convection air over the fried foods. 

Where can I get a copy of spec sheet and the operator manual?You can download the spec sheet and the operator manual on the links provided to the left of this side.

What power connection is needed?
The Fried Food Holder requires only a generic 110V, single phase power connection to be used for generic 110V power plug.  The highly efficient Fried Food Holder FH 23-75 operates with less than 7 amps.

Can the Fried Food Holder be made to run colder or hotter?
The Fried Food Holder was designed for optimum food surface moisture removal and maintaining hot internal food temperatures for all fried foods. 

Can we use a different insert pan?
The current insert pan was designed to accommodate and hold french fries, fried chicken and other common fried foods.

Can the Fried Food Holder overheat?
If operating temperatures should rise beyond a certain operating environment, an internal thermostat will engage and limit the maximum temperatures.  In addition, an automatic shut-off will engage should the temperature rise even further.

What is the recommended warm-up time?
The Fried Food Holder will reach its targeted temperatures at around 30-35 minutes.

What are the cleaning recomendations?
We recommend to clean the insert pan, pan divider, crumb tray and air filter every day. Please avoid the use of metal brushes.  Use a generic degreaser, clean with a plastic brush, and rinse.

What are the service and repair procedures?
Meister Cook has teamed up with Parts Town (www.partstown.com) for Technical Service and Parts at (630) 889 0170.
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